Kailyn Looks Stunning After Rumored Cosmetic Procedure!

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Lookin' Good!

If ever there was a “revenge body,” Kailyn Lowry is rocking one right now. Even though things went south between her and baby daddy Chris Lopez, she bounced back fast, and we mean fast. It’s not uncommon to see people crumble after difficult breakups, but Kailyn’s looking better than ever.

Of course, she’s open about the fact that not all of it is completely natural… which is to say that Kailyn’s had her fair share of cosmetic procedures over the years and was always been open about them in the past. That said, the star swore off nipping and tucking following a botched lip injection a little while back.

So if she’s not going under the knife, why does Kailyn look so different lately? There’s no question that Kailyn’s looking great these days, but some fans can’t quite place their finger on what’s different… until now!

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Source: Instagram @Kaillowry