Kailyn Lowry Leaks That Her Cast Mate Is Pregnant?

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When Leah Messer first became pregnant, she was in the same boat as all of her 16 and Pregnant co-stars. It wasn’t until she was a little farther along that she realized she’d be having a totally different experience: she’d be raising twins! After eventually splitting from her first baby daddy, Leah found herself pregnant again with her second husband, Jeremy Calvert. We all know how that ended: with Leah once again single and raising three adorable little girls.

These days, Leah isn’t as single as fans may have thought. She recently revealed there’s someone special in her life that will look familiar to many dedicated viewers. Now it seems like that relationship might be getting pretty serious… since Leah Messer might be expecting another child!

Pregnancy rumors for the Teen Mom cast aren’t exactly rare, but this time around, it’s the origin of the rumor that has fans shocked: Leah’s BFF Kailyn Lowry!

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Credit: MTV