Leah Messer Admits to Her Secret Relationship With Her Ex Husband!

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For the past few years, Leah Messer has been living the life of a single mother. She’s had a handful raising her three daughters Addie, Aleeah, and Ali by herself. Even though she’s struggled with it in recent years, recently she’s gotten the whole single mom thing down to a science! However, there have been rumors swirling that Leah might not have been as single as she seemed in the past few months.

Fans have spent months wondering whether she and her ex husband Jeremy may still have a spark. Of course it’s normal for them to spend a lot of time together as they co-parent their daughter Addie, but fans noticed there seems to be something between them whenever they are together. Considering their rocky history, fans didn’t think they’d ever actually get back together. Now, Leah is flipping everything on its head, and admitting that she and Jeremy’s relationship has been reignited… just maybe not in the way that fans expected!

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