Is Kailyn in the Middle of a Love Triangle With Two Other Women!?

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Poor Kailyn!

As the years have gone by, Kailyn has become more and more secretive about her life — much to the dismay of her fans. She tried to keep her third pregnancy a secret for as long as she possibly could, and it wasn’t until it leaked that she finally owned up to expecting her third child. After that, she refused to reveal who the baby daddy was for weeks afterward. Clearly, Kail knows that there are some things she just doesn’t want on television.

It seems it’s not just baby daddy drama she’s tight-lipped about, though. Recently, the star’s relationship status has been a point of confusion for many of her fans. She recently revealed that she is dating another woman… but hasn’t revealed exactly who that woman is. Even though many fans are convinced that Dominique Potter is her girlfriend, some think that Becky Hayter might be the one.

Could Kailyn be finding herself in the middle of a love triangle, with feelings for two different women?

kailyn and dom

Source: Instagram @Kaillowry