Teen Mom ‘Til You Drop

Is Kailyn Having Problems Keeping Her Grades up With Pregnancy and Divorce Drama?

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Kailyn has a ton on her plate right now

The odds are against women who become mothers in their teens, especially if they decide to raise their children. They’re not likely to finish high school. If they do end up with a diploma or GED, they’re highly unlikely to attend college. By the chance that they do enroll in college at some point, it’s rare that they graduate. The ladies of Teen Mom, however, have a lot more time and money on their hands than they would have if MTV had never taken an interest in them. (In a sense, the show does not showcase the life of a typical teenage mother because of the money they receive from the show.)

The stars of the show know that well enough and are trying to get themselves set up for a future in which the cameras aren’t rolling. Kailyn Lowry decided to head back to college, but it’s not that easy as a single mom with two kids and one on the way. So, how’s she doing?

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Kailyn is working against the clock to graduate before giving birth