Baby Bombshell! Kailyn Talks About Freezing Eggs for a Fourth Baby!

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With whom?!

Having kids is a huge decision, and a great amount of planning, reflecting, and self-awareness go into most potential mothers’ decisions. That’s why it’s hard to fault Kailyn Lowry for the way she changes her outlook on how many children she wants so often. Even though Kailyn told Javi that she didn’t want to have more than two boys, she later revealed that, deep down, it was just that she didn’t want to have any more children with him! As a mother, it’s up to Kailyn to decide how many children she wants — and to change her mind whenever she wants, too!

We all know that her third son, Lux, was unexpected. Kailyn wasn’t in a long-term relationship with her baby daddy Chris Lopez, and she even revealed that Chris had been cheating on her with someone else throughout her pregnancy. But even though Kailyn got burned by her third baby daddy, now it looks like she’s already thinking about making her family a little bigger – in a pretty unexpected way.

Now, Kailyn is opening up about her plans for her fourth baby, and whether or not freezing her eggs is something that’s on the table.

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