Kailyn Scared Javi and Briana Hook Up in Front of Kids?

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For a long time, the thought of Javi Marroquin and Briana Dejesus dating was a crazy thought… but now with every passing day it seems more and more possible! In fact, right now, the two of them are cozying up on a family trip to Disney World!

Needless to say, the budding relationship (or rumors of it) are rubbing Kailyn the wrong way. Unlike some of the more explosive Teen Mom cast members, though, Kail hasn’t been throwing shade or having tantrums on social media. Then again, as “Javi-Ana” gets closer and closer to being real, Kailyn has had to face the reality of the possibility ― and now she’s saying she’s worried that Javi and Briana might be hooking up in front of her children!

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Credit: MTV