TM Bombshell! Javi Admits Kailyn Cheated on Him With a WOMAN

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Rumors Confirmed!

For fans who have been following Kailyn and Javi’s relationship from the beginning, you know that, although things started off strong between the new lovebirds, it wasn’t long before things got ugly… very ugly. The husband and wife soon split among rumors of cheating on both ends, and fans were left wondering what actually happened to make one of the cutest Teen Mom couples throw in the towel.

Even though they’re not dating one another anymore (or trying to make it work), from what it seems, Javi and Kailyn have decided to try to sort out their co-parenting relationship on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Edition. Even though the idea is for things to get better, it’s just making things worse between the two right now, as they continue to dig up the nastiest parts of their past.

Now, for anyone wondering how true the cheating rumors are… It looks like the answers are finally coming out from the source themselves. Javi and Kailyn have both confirmed that the rumors are true; Kailyn stepped out on Javi with another woman.

kailyn and javi

Source: Instagram @javim9