Kailyn Backs Out of Scary Surgery Last Minute!

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Call it off!

Although the secretive nature of her third pregnancy meant that Kailyn Lowry was at the center of quite a few Teen Mom drama and scandals, her life has since quieted down considerably. She’s been living the single life for some time now, and seems to be focusing on a quiet life with her three sons — however calm that can possibly be! Although Kailyn has generally kept to herself in the past few months, she’s hit her fans with a bombshell that many didn’t expect.

After jetting off to Miami, it looked like Kailyn was taking a break from the hustle for a relaxing vacation. It wasn’t until recently that she opened up with the truth: she had flown out to have a specific type of surgery done. She updated fans with all of the details about the surgery, and why she decided to back out of the overwhelming procedure at the last minute.

kailyn lowry crying

Credit: WeTV