Kailyn and Javi Reveal They Secretly Got Back Together!

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Can they make it work?

Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty insane love stories on Teen Mom. Many of the cast members put up with years of difficulty before they finally found their perfect match, while others are still looking for “The One.” But there’s no love story more crazy and difficult to follow than Kailyn and Javi’s.

Even though Kailyn would probably prefer if Javi was out of her life forever, that’s just not possible. After all, they have to co-parent their son Lincoln together at least until he turns eighteen. In the meantime, the two have to deal with each other… and whatever lingering feelings that are still blooming between them.

Add in Briana DeJesus to the mix, and you’ve got a storm brewing. We all see how that went down, with the first three episodes of Teen Mom 2 focusing on the love triangle almost exclusively. Javi has made it clear in these episodes that he’s totally over Kailyn and ready to move on, but just how authentic is that?

There are many fans and viewers who have believed from the very beginning that Javi and Kailyn would find their way back into each other’s arms. Others believe that they will never be able to work out their differences. Now, this shocking bombshell is putting their relationship in an entirely different light.

For anyone who wants to see Kailyn and Javi back together, the plot has just thickened!

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