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Kail’s Baby Daddy Busted in Bed…but Not With Her

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They looked pretty cozy too...

Well it looks like Kail can go ahead and add a third person to the body count when it comes to her failed relationships. And, this person is one we’re not that surprised to see peace out during her pregnancy.

Kail recently confirmed that 25-year old Chris Lopez is in fact the father of her third child and despite her initial claims that the couple had planned this baby…we’re starting to think Kail just wants to salvage some sense of decency from this whole situation. Lopez, it seems is being an absentee father BEFORE the baby even makes their appearance. And we suspect this could be for a number of reasons…none of which are logically acceptable for bailing out on his baby mama.

Desperate it seems for any sort of attention during this tender time, Lowry posted some pretty risque’ photos of herself in bed with another man and while we initially thought that perhaps this was a callous move on her, we think it might just have something to do with her baby daddy’s latest betrayal.

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