Javi Forced to Watch Kailyn Reenact Hooking Up With Another Man

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Talk about uncomfortable!

At one point, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin looked like they would be one of the first Teen Mom couples to make it long term. Well, we all know how that eventually ended.

After a messy divorce, things between Kailyn and Javi seem to be at an all time low. Although they’re trying to co-parent their son Lincoln together, they’re constantly taking jabs at each other over social media and news outlets. It seems that any hope of rekindled romance between them (or even friendship) has been crushed.

If there was any question about that, this update seals the deal! In what may be one of the most uncomfortable moments of their lives, Javi Marroquin was forced to watch while Kailyn reenacted the best hookup she ever had… with another man!

javi marroquin crying

Credit: MTV