Briana’s Mother Spills Unbelievable Truth About Briana and Javi’s Relationship

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The truth comes out!

Most fans seem to agree that there’s something fishy going on with Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin’s relationship. The new couple ― who have already been plagued with controversy thanks to their ever-sour relationship with Kailyn Lowry ― has been the subject of many new rumors in recent weeks. After weeks and weeks of tweeting and posting about one another without end, when the holidays rolled around, it seemed like they didn’t know each other. They both celebrated their holidays separately and didn’t exchange so much as a “Merry Christmas” via social media.

The timing makes things even more suspect to fans. Javi Marroquin recently revealed that he was going to be deployed into active duty by the Air Force again… and then only around a week later, he revealed that he wasn’t going. This resulted in accusations that he had made the entire deployment up for attention — and the accusations came from Briana’s mother!

Now, Briana and her mother Roxanne are spilling the full truth about Javi and Briana’s relationship… and many fans think that they’re only dating for television.

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