“I Want Half!” Jo and Vee Lawyer up Against Kail in the Fight for Isaac

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Ready to Fight!

When it comes to the cast of Teen Mom, it seems like there’s a new custody battle once a week. From Jenelle duking it out with her mother Barbara over custody of her son Jace to rumors of Kailyn and Chris battling over custody of Baby Lo, sometimes it never seems clear which child is really whose.

However, it looks like Kailyn might be heading into another custody battle but not with Chris. Now, it seems that things may be heating up between her and her ex Jo Rivera over custody of their son Isaac.

It should go without saying that Kailyn is going through some pretty dynamic times of her life. From having her third child to battling it out with Javi on Marriage Boot Camp, things in her life may be shifting more than ever right now. Apparently, Jo has concerns about how this may affect her relationship with her son Isaac, and now he might be pushing for custody of his son.

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Source: Facebook @Jo Rivera