David’s Sister Makes T-Shirts Mocking Jenelle’s Abuse Rumors!

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She's selling them!

Not a single season of Teen Mom 2 has shown Jenelle Evans in a totally angelic light. Ever since she signed custody of her son Jace over to her mother, fans have criticized her for many of her decisions, from her various baby daddies to her parenting to her drug use. However, in recent years, things have been slowly but surely looking up for Jenelle. She’s happily married to David Eason (although he’s controversial cast member himself) and is raising her three children and step-daughter Maryssa.

That said, many aspects of her past seem to never quite fade from the public view. In the most recent season of Teen Mom 2, events that took place during Jenelle’s segments had fans and “haters” alike concerned about her parenting and even accusing her of being neglectful.

Although Jenelle has spoken out against her critics, there’s one person in particular who seems completely unwilling to let Jenelle ever forget her past. Instead of just being a viewer, it’s someone much closer to Jenelle: her sister-in-law, Jessica Eason. She’s not just making accusations against Jenelle — she’s making t-shirts about the neglect rumors!

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Credit: MTV