Fans Find Jenelle’s Halloween Costume ‘Disturbing’ Amidst Abuse Rumors

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Was their matching costume taking it too far?

Like all of the members of the Teen Mom cast, Jenelle Evans has had some significant ups and downs in her life. That said, sometimes it can be tricky to figure out exactly what’s going on ― especially with all the so-called “bad editing” on the network.

According to Jenelle, the side of her life that appears on TV is nothing like the reality. She has accused MTV of editing and manipulating her storyline to make it more dramatic, and to paint David in a bad light. The again, many fans believe what they see on TV. In the past few weeks, fans have come to see see David as a controlling, overbearing, and potentially abusive husband.

When Jenelle and David decided to dress up with this costume for Halloween, they probably didn’t think that fans would find it so upsetting. Oops! Many fans now think that their costume hints at the dangerous nature of their relationship, and even found it to be “disturbing.”

jenelle and david

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