Baby Four? Jenelle Speaks Out About Pregnancy With a Shot of Her Belly

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Will Ensley be a big sister?

There are some elements of Jenelle’s life that are never going to change. She’ll always be a mother, she’ll always have an undying love for Kesha, and she’ll always stand up for herself when she thinks she’s been wronged. Oh yeah, and it seems she will always be facing rumors that she’s pregnant.

Like her co-stars, Jenelle’s fame is inextricably linked to her pregnancy and motherhood. But unlike her co-stars, Jenelle denied being pregnant with both Kaiser and Ensley, before eventually revealing that she was expecting (and lying about it) to her fans! That might be why fans often think that Jenelle might be keeping a pregnancy under wraps, and could be announcing she’s having a child at any point.

Now, Jenelle is addressing pregnancy rumors head-on by showing off her belly!

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Source: Instagram @j_evans1219