Did Jenelle’s Friend Just Confirm Jenelle’s Secret Pregnancy?

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Could it be?

By now, Jenelle Evans must be used to fans thinking she’s pregnant at all times. Like many of the Teen Moms, pregnancy rumors follow her around, and it isn’t hard to see why. When you’re famous for having a teenage pregnancy, it makes sense that fans would want to know when the next baby is coming! Jenelle might face more of these rumors than her co-stars, though, as she tends to be secretive about her pregnancies. That means that no matter how much she may deny having a bun in the oven, there’s always a chance she’s secretly expecting.

However, many fans have stopped putting as much faith in the rumors over the years, as it seems fans think they see a baby bump every time Jenelle posts a full-body picture! That said, there seems to be more credibility this time around, since the source of the rumor is someone close with Jenelle. Could this Teen Mom have already informed her inner circle about a pregnancy?

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Source: Instagram @j_evans1219