Jenelle Threatens to Delete Social Media After Controversial Snapchat Criticisms

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Oh, Jenelle, you were doing so well!

Jenelle Evans has been curating a perfect “wife-and-mother” public persona over the past year or so. She’s been getting her life together, staying off drugs, and fighting hard for custody of her two oldest children, Jace and Kaiser. While Jenelle has never been mother of the year, she’s really seemed to make an effort to put her family first since she announced her third pregnancy in the fall of 2016.

That is, until she posted a string of videos to her Snapchat this weekend that has fans worried that the star might not have changed as much as she wants us to think.

Jenelle Evans Drunk Snaps

Source: Snapchat @Jenelle Evans via Twitter @Anon_Mafioso

Things are getting complicated for Jenelle...