Jenelle Evans Reveals Her Suicidal Thoughts!

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She's had some dark thoughts!

The Teen Mom cast has changed so much in recent years that sometimes it’s hard to believe that they were ever teenage moms. Luckily, they’ve been on air since the time they were 16 years old, so it’s not hard to stroll down memory lane and remember just what they were like when they were still kids. Now that they’re more mature (and more wealthy), the girls have a lot more stability in their lives, but what they went through in their childhood still shapes who they are. Seeing the cast members so adult and (relatively) well adjusted, it’s easy to forget that they ever had seriously hard times in their lives.

Right now, Jenelle seems to be living a picture perfect life from the outside. She’s recently married David Eason, and together, they’re raising a blended family of six. Jenelle has even recently launched her own makeup line, and things seem to be going up for her. That’s why this insight into her upbringing is so upsetting to fans.

Jenelle revealed an inner look at what growing up was like for her, and there are some very upsetting moments in her past. Now, she’s opened up about her past of struggling with suicidal thoughts.


Credit: MTV