Has ‘Teen Mom 2’ Secretly Been Cancelled? Jenelle Stirs Rumors With New Announcement

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She's starting something new!

Even though being a reality star is something of a full time job, the Teen Mom cast have all proven that they can handle new and bigger challenges. That’s why many of them have turned to different outlets and modes of employment. Practically all of the stars have some kind of side hustle, whether it’s motivational speaking, owning a store, or selling their own line of products online.

Sometimes it seems that every second of the cast’s lives are televised. Even so, many of the girls have tried to take their story into their own hands by creating their own spinoffs and shows. And the timing couldn’t be better, considering that many believe MTV is about to close the door on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 once and for all!

If the girls going creating their own shows is a sign that Teen Mom is heading to cancellation, then this certainly isn’t a good sign: Jenelle Evans has just announced that she’s starting her own show as well!

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