Amber Portwood Announces Her New Mental Health Youtube Channel

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Go Amber!

It doesn’t seem hard for many of the Teen Mom cast members to make a full-time living off of being a reality television star. After all, they make a pretty hefty chunk of change just for their celebrity status and appearances on MTV. That said, many of them have also decided to venture into side businesses to keep them afloat when Teen Mom eventually comes to an end.

Because they don’t need a primary source of income, they normally focus on passion projects. For stars like Jenelle, that means fashion and makeup; for Kailyn, it means podcasting and behind-the-scenes work. Amber Portwood has been outspoken about mental health for years, so it’s no surprise she would devote herself to something in that arena when branching out.

The star just announced that she’ll be pursuing action for those who have struggled with mental health like she has.

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Credit: MTV