Jenelle Evans Is Feuding With Her Fiancé’s Sibling!

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I wish I could say that I was surprised

Jenelle Evans never backs away from a fight, and that’s gotten her in serious trouble throughout her life. But Jenelle has actually been working hard to remove herself from her drug-riddled recidivist past: She’s a home-owner, a mom to three, and she’s getting ready for a beautiful wedding. She hasn’t even been in trouble with the law for a year; we didn’t think we’d ever see that day!

Jenelle and David are so happy with their life, but his sister can’t leave well enough alone. She’s got a ton of dirt on Jenelle and she’s throwing it all over the internet right now. Jenelle tried to laugh it all off saying, “[She] thinks she’s entitled to everyone’s children, nope not mine sorry. Psycho.” Which lady is really at fault here? Find out what Jessica and Jenelle had to say about each other next!

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Jenelle is being accused of all kinds of wrongdoing and illegal activity