Busted: Jenelle Gets Caught Deleting Instagram Comments About Her Pregnancy News

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What's going on with Jenelle?

Is Jenelle Evans currently pregnant? That question is often on the minds of Teen Mom fans, and it’s not hard to see why. Over the years, all of the Teen Mom cast has had their fair share of denying pregnancies, only to later reveal that they were keeping them a secret the whole time. Jenelle Evans outwardly denied her pregnancy when she was expecting her third child, Ensley.

Although she had her own reasons for keeping her pregnancy a secret, it had the unfortunate side effect of leading fans to always question the truth when it comes to the star’s plans. After seeing how vehemently she denied being pregnant while she was expecting Ensley, many fans believe she could be lying once again.

Now, things are looking even more suspicious. Although Jenelle normally stays out of the rumors, she’s been exhibiting some slightly suspicious behavior. This new behavior has a lot of fans wondering if she could be hiding yet another pregnancy.

jenelle evans baby bump

Source: Instagram @j_evans1219