“Hey Fat F*@k” Jenelle SLAMS Costar’s Dad in Vicious Tweet

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She let him have it!

Jenelle Evans has been pretty occupied with wedding planning for her big day with David Eason, but that doesn’t mean she’s an entirely new person. Anyone who’s been following Jenelle for a while knows that when she feels like she’s been wronged, she’s the first person to lash out on social media. She’s gotten into some pretty scathing fights with her co-stars and extended family on social media, which means all of her fans get to see exactly what she thinks about the people in her life.

Apparently for Jenelle, no one is protected from her wrath when she feels like she’s been wronged, not even her co-star’s family. She proved that recently on Twitter when she had a few choice insults to attack Chelsea Houska’s father with.

randy houska

Source: Twitter @PapaRandlicious