Jenelle and David’s Terrifying Pre-Wedding Fight Caught on Camera

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Tempers were high!

If you know anything about Jenelle Evans and David Eason, it’s probably they both have reputations for explosive personalities. Neither of them is a stranger disagreements — or even to straight-out screaming matches — especially when they get stressed. Coincidentally, weddings are particularly stressful times… so it’s no wonder why Jenelle and David had some difficulties on their big day.

No wedding goes off without at least one hitch, and often when things go wrong, it can be a test of the couple’s ability to hold it together. Well, if Jenelle and David were tested at their wedding, it doesn’t look like they passed.

Although Jenelle posted her own pictures of the wedding on Instagram, a new video has just been released of the newlyweds having an all-out screaming match the night before their big day.

jenelle and david

Source: Instagram @j_evans1219