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Jenelle and Babs Battle it Out for Jace (Again)!

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Jenelle takes to Twitter to prove her mother is STILL trying to keeping Jace from her

If you thought that Jenelle and her mother Barbara (who we love referring to as Babs) were patching things up …think again.

That’s right, this mother daughter duo won’t be planning a family reunion anytime soon and are back at it in their fight over Jenelle’s eight year old son Jace. The ‘Teen Mom’ who is notorious for battling her mom for custody of her oldest child, recently got engaged and we don’t think Babs is going to be invited if she keeps it up with her refusal to allow her grandchild some quality time with his mommy.

Evans who is on a mission to prove that her mother is defiantly holding Jace hostage from her, took to Twitter yesterday sharing screenshots (that she immediately removed) of conversations that prove Babs isn’t exactly playing fair.

Source: Youtube @TheHollywoodGossip

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