Fans Call Out Jenelle for Her “Unhealthy” Parenting Techniques

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Did Jenelle mess up?

Becoming pregnant at the age of 16 is enough to put anyone in therapy. The Teen Mom cast members have gone through some seriously difficult times in their lives, and it’s no wonder that many of them have sought out therapy — and no, we don’t mean just with Dr. Drew during the Teen Mom reunions.

Of course, growing up on television from literally the day you were born can take a toll on children as well. That’s why many of the Teen Mom cast members have decided to let their children attend therapy to be able to work out any developing stresses they have before they get too intense. Jenelle’s first son Jace is currently in therapy for these reasons along with managing his ADHD.

Therapy can be extremely helpful for many people, but is there a way to do therapy the wrong way? Fans seem to think that Jenelle is making a mistake with Jace’s current therapy, calling her mothering techniques “unhealthy.”

jenelle and jace

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