Jenelle Accused of Leaving Kaiser Out of Family Bonding!

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She clapped back fast!

Even for viewers who don’t have kids, Teen Mom makes one thing perfectly clear: parenting isn’t easy. Over the years, we’ve watched as the girls have shared some very rewarding moments in motherhood — as well as some very difficult ones. Anyone who has children can understand that some parts of raising children are much harder than others.

In fact, everyone can understand parenthood to some degree, but very few can know what it’s like to be a celebrity parent. Jenelle Evans has experienced this firsthand, learning how some of her most simple decisions can be criticized or praised.

Jenelle has three children from three different fathers, and, on top of that, she’s now step-mother to David’s daughter and son. That means she has to try extra hard to make sure that all of her children are given enough attention, especially since not all of them live with her full time. Now, fans are saying she seriously messed up.

Even though Jenelle has come very far from her first appearance on 16 and Pregnant, these fans think she still has a lot to learn when it comes to motherhood.

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