Jenelle Says She Is “No Longer Jace’s Mom”

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She's completely heartbroken

Although we tend know what’s going on in the Teen Mom cast members’ lives in real time thanks to social media and gossip sleuths, it often isn’t until an episode of the show airs that we get the full picture. That’s when the girls open up about what’s on their mind during the events that we see play out during the hiatus months. These explanations help fans see what’s really going on in the Mom‘s heads.

The result of Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara’s custody battle over Jace was well-known in the Teen Mom fan community several months ago, but it wasn’t until the most recent episode that we got Jenelle’s full reaction to the decision ― including her reaction to losing Jace.

Regardless of what you think of Jenelle, no mother wants to lose her child, and her response to the court’s decision was truly heartbreaking.

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Credit: MTV