Javi Marroquin Talks Working With Kailyn Post-Divorce!

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Can they make it work?

A few years ago, Javi Marroquin and Kailyn seemed to be on the road to a long, stable relationship. They were married and raising Isaac and Lincoln together, making it work as best as they could. As we all know, the stability of happy, family life didn’t last very much longer.

The details about Kailyn and Javi’s breakup are still pretty hazy, but it’s clear that their split was a particularly nasty one. They’ve had some serious and public fights since then — including Kailyn taking out a PFA on her ex-husband.

But now, things are getting even murkier between them (if you can believe that). After sharing a kiss, these two are working together again. They’re publishing a book and are about to embark on a tour together. Of course, fans are now wondering if they’re going to make it work together after all! Or… you know. Manage to work together!

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Credit: MTV