Javi Schemed to Get Briana Pregnant?!

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Was he using her all along?!

When you’re a Teen Mom star, your fame can often rise and fall depending on what’s going on with your life. Sadly, when the stars’ lives are stable and normal, there’s not enough drama for fans to want to keep up with them! This is particularly true for the baby daddies, who often fall entirely off of the radar after the main cast members have moved on to someone new.

It seems this has been happening recently to Javi Marroquin, who split up with Kailyn Lowry after rumors of cheating and other complications drove a wedge between them. As Kailyn’s drama shifts to focus on her and Chris, Javi is becoming less and less relevant.

If there’s one way for someone to go from nameless to famous though, it is to get one of the Teen Mom cast members pregnant! We saw this happen with Chris Lopez after Kailyn Lowry revealed that he was her baby’s father. Chris rose in popularity seemingly overnight.

Now, it looks like Javi may have had a plan to get back into the spotlight: getting another member of the Teen Mom cast pregnant. We know that he and Briana have been flirting for a while now, but this insider report says that Javi was trying to get her pregnant.

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