Did Javi Marroquin Only Marry Kailyn to Get Famous?

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Was he using her all along?

When the Teen Mom cast members got started, they were just like everyone else. However, as they became more and more famous, they stopped being the girl next door and became reality superstars. There’s no question as to why someone would want to get involved with a reality star — if you’re dating someone famous, you’re probably going to get a bit of the fame yourself. Especially if that person is still on TV every week.

Naturally, for many stars there is no bigger betrayal than someone dating you just to get famous. For Kailyn Lowry, it looks like that might be part of her reality. Although she and Javi Marroquin have long since split up, it looks like there might be more sketchiness than meets the eye on Javi’s side of things. In fact, Kail recently accused him of only getting involved with her for the fame!


Credit: MTV