Javi Hits the Club for a PDA With a Mystery Woman!

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Not cool!

In the past year or so, Javi Marroquin has been a very busy man when it comes to love. After finalizing his divorce from the mother of his child, Kailyn Lowry, Javi had a brief relationship with a girl named Lauren Comeau, which is when rumors that he had his eyes on someone new started up. Perceptive fans were ahead of the “Javi-Ana” curve, noticing flirtations and romance before it was made official. Much to many viewers’ surprise, Javi and Briana decided to make it official, and now they’re in a pretty serious relationship.

That’s why Briana might just want to look away from this update. It doesn’t look very good for Javi, considering there’s footage of him getting serious PDA from another girl!

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Credit: MTV