Javi Breaks Down Crying, Desperate to Get Back With Kailyn

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He wants her back!

Everyone who has been through a breakup knows that it’s pretty much impossible to cut it off overnight. No matter how ugly things get before it ends, it’s hard to put everything in the past, and emotions are bound to surface even for the person who decided to call it off. But being married to someone, committing to spend your entire life with them, and raising a child together makes ending things even more difficult. It’s no surprise that Kailyn and Javi have some lingering feelings towards one another.

Now, Kailyn has moved on with her girlfriend Dom, and Javi seems to be making a life with his girlfriend Briana DeJesus, but that doesn’t mean there were no feelings left between them at all. Seeing Javi beg Kailyn to take him back makes it hard to believe the couple doesn’t feel anything at all for each other these days!

kailyn and javi

Source: Instagram @kailynandjavifans