Javi and Kailyn Get Called out by Judge About Mistreating Lincoln

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They need to rethink their situation!

When it comes to Teen Mom, sometimes the show seems like a textbook example of how NOT to co-parent children. Often times, the girls and their baby daddies are too busy fighting with one another to make sure they’re taking care of their children. Normally they somehow manage to figure out how it works to raise a child with someone you can hardly stand… but not always.

When Javi and Kailyn first got together, they seemed like the perfect match. They welcomed Kailyn’s second son (and Javi’s first), Lincoln, and became an adorable family of four. However, we all know that that didn’t last very long.

Now these exes are duking it out left, right, and center on social media and in person. Has it finally gone too far?

Many fans have been concerned for Lincoln’s well-being, but now Javi and Kail are being called out by a judge!

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Credit: MTV