Is Leah Trying (and Failing) to Hide Another Pregnancy in This New Picture?

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Is that a baby bump?!

At the young age of 25, Leah Messer has already had a lifetime’s worth of experiences. She has three young children and two divorces under her belt which can make it easy to forget how young she really is! The truth is, like the rest of her co-stars, Leah still has an entire lifetime of experiences ahead of her as well, and even she probably isn’t sure where the road will take her.

So the thought of Leah potentially having another child is by no means a stretch. Even though she’s single (at least publicly!) we all know that the girls are no strangers to unplanned pregnancies. Then again, announcing a pregnancy when you’re a Teen Mom is a tricky subject, and many of the cast members have opted to hold off for as long as possible to avoid any potential backlash.

Is that why Leah may be trying to hide the fact that she’s newly pregnant in this incognito image?

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Credit: MTV