Is Barbara Banned From Jenelle’s Property ?

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This could get uglier ...

The fight between ‘Teen  Mom’ Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara may have just hit scorching temperatures as of late. The two can’t seem to squash their bickering over who should be allowed to decide Evans’ son Jace’s comings and goings.

Jenelle, if you remember, doesn’t have custody of her eldest born child and relinquished control of the now seven-year old to her own mother. The tough decision came as a result of the teenaged celebrity’s inability to completely provide the stability that a young child would need from their mother in its earliest years of life. Evans has since done somewhat of a 360 and now desires to have her child with her (and we feel rightfully so).

Only now it seems that Babs doesn’t want to part ways with the precocious kid that she has basically raised since his arrival into their family. Having grown attached to her grandson, the Walmart worker and grandmother refuses to give up custody of Evan’s son, Jace. We’re sort of confused because now that Jenelle seems to be on her feet we’d think this would be a perfect time for her to re-assume her responsibilities. Though, in a perfect world we would see this as fitting …tis not the case with this mother and daughter duo who are now at each others throat for custody of this kid.

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