Becky Hayter Speaks About Her Relationship With Kailyn!

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The truth comes out!

Over the years, it’s become more and more difficult to know what’s going on in Kailyn Lowry’s life. In addition to refusing to film certain parts of her life for the show, she’s taken to keeping many aspects of the personal life under wraps. It’s clear that she’s begun to value her privacy more and more as the years go on, which means that fans are left to put the pieces together when it comes to her romantic life.

It was full months before Kailyn finally revealed that Chris Lopez was her third baby daddy, so she has a history of keeping tight-lipped about her romantic relationships. No wonder there was so much confusion when Kailyn revealed that she’s currently dating another woman… then didn’t reveal who the woman was!

Many fans immediately assumed that Kailyn was dating her long-time friend Becky Hayter, who has been featured in many an Instagram shot with Kailyn’s entire family. Now, Becky is speaking out with an update about their relationship.

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Source: Twitter @KailLowry