Teen Moms and Dads Reveal How They Told Their Parents They Were Pregnant

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Some of these conversations are really tough...

Most teens who find themselves moms- or dads-to-be couldn’t imagine a worse fate. But sometimes the hardest thing isn’t having to grow up extremely fast, or even raising a child or facing marriage — but facing the judgment of everyone once they find out about the pregnancy.

For the parents of teens facing pregnancy, it can seem like the end of the world. Even if they are understanding, it can be incredibly difficult to process, and heartbreaking to know that their son or daughter will have to become an adult prematurely. In the meantime, it’s understandable for parents to become emotional — sad, heartbroken, or even furious.

That’s why it’s extremely crucial for teens to decide how to break it to their parents that they will soon be grandparents. For these 20 teens, they broke it to their parents the best way they could — for better or for worse.

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