Simon Saran Reveals Just How Little the ‘Teen Dads’ Make

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"Teen Dads:" The Biggest Mystery of 'Teen Mom'

The “Teen Dads” have always kind of been a mystery to fans. Sure, we’ve seen a lot of them over the years and permanent Teen Mom fixtures like Tyler Baltierra seem just as integral to the fabric of the show as the moms themselves, but then you remember that television is a business. There is no way that the people who don’t have top billing are making as much as the original ladies. After all, it’s Teen Mom, not Teen Parents.

And apparently, you’d be right: Farrah Abraham’s sometimes-boyfriend, Simon Saran, just threw more of his infamous internet shade. This time, though, it was at the network, not his co-stars and he revealed just how little MTV offers to the “Teen Dads.”

Credit: MTV

Simon totally called out MTV!