Full NSFW Video of Briana Dejesus’s New Butt Lift and Lipo!

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She got a whole new body!

If you follow the personal lives of the Teen Mom stars, you probably know who Dr. Miami is. That’s because multiple Teen Moms have jetted off to Miami to get nipped and tucked by the celebrity plastic surgeon. It’s a pretty good bargain, considering Dr. Miami gives them their entire surgical procedures for free, as long as they allow him to film and air the entire procedure on Snapchat.

Briana DeJesus has had surgery from Dr. Miami in the past, but that was before she got pregnant with her second daughter, Stella! Now she’s heading back to the celebrity surgeon to get more nips and tucks, which means all of the NSFW videos of the surgery are here!

briana dejesus

Credit: MTV