Full Cast Shake-Up! The Newest ‘Teen Mom OG’ Cast Member Revealed as Farrah’s Replacement

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Welcome to the cast!

We all knew that the day would come when MTV formally cancelled the Teen Mom franchise. Most fans thought it would be a major but one-time decision when MTV chose to pull the plug. Instead, it seems that they’re letting the cast crumble one by one as they kick them to the curb, starting with Farrah Abraham.

Farrah’s firing has been a long-term scandal in the community. Despite Farrah speaking out about it, MTV has yet to officially comment on her firing. For months it has seemed that Farrah’s firing was up in the air. Now it’s clear that the decision has been made, since Farrah’s replacement has already been revealed!

MTV wouldn’t leave Teen Mom OG with three cast members while Teen Mom 2 has five, so if they fired Farrah, they would need someone else to step up to the plate. This recent report shows they’ve considered this, and have already decided who will be replacing Farrah in the Teen Mom OG cast. Needless to say, Farrah is not happy about this update — and she’s speaking out!

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Credit: MTV