Farrah’s “Favorite” Bikini Is for Sale on eBay

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Up For Grabs!

Even though the Teen Mom stars aren’t exactly A-list celebrities, they’ve still amassed serious followings over the years. While all of them started out as small-town girls next door who happened to get pregnant as teens, they had to learn how to navigate the world of fame and popularity quickly. Even though some of them keep to themselves and focus on their families, others have used their fame to launch massive careers, doing whatever it takes to stay in the headlines.

Anyone who’s been following Teen Mom for years knows that Farrah Abraham is all about the fame. From her adult film debut to her appearances on multiple reality shows, MTV and otherwise, Farrah has made it pretty clear that she wants to be in the limelight at all times. And her most loyal fans probably remember her appearance on a certain magazine by the name of Girls and Corpses.

For those who do, you’ll be happy to learn that Farrah has decided to let her real fans get a little bit closer with her… by owning the exact bikini that she wore on the photoshoot! The garment has appeared on eBay, so if you’ve ever wanted to own something the Farrah Abraham has touched, today is your lucky day.

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Source: Instagram @farrah__abraham