Farrah Sunbathes Topless

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It's all out!

Farrah Abraham has come a long way from her first appearance on 16 and Pregnant. She’s had some serious life changes after becoming pregnant with Sophia. From exposing her life to the world on Teen Mom to exposing… other things in her adult videos, Farrah’s life may not have always gone the way she expected. That said, she’s definitely made the most of what she has to work with!

Among her life changes, though, have come some serious physical changes as well. And, unlike some other celebrities, she’s perfectly open about all of them! She had her first breast implants back when Teen Mom OG was still just Teen Mom, and it hasn’t stopped since. Now, she’s notorious for her body and all of her alterations — some of which have been significant.

Farrah’s living it up on a European getaway right now, and she’s taken some time to soak up the Grecian sun. Her baring it all up top doesn’t seem to be a wardrobe malfunction… she picked out the outfit on purpose!

farrah shocked

Credit: WE tv