Farrah Reunites With Estranged Family Member

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The bridge isn't burned!

If you’ve been keeping up with Farrah Abraham’s life on Teen Mom, you know all about her relationship with Debra Danielsen. Although the two never really saw eye-to-eye, their relationship has steadily been in decline for a while now, and it got to the point where the two weren’t even speaking to each other. Farrah and Debs took to Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition where they duked out issues of Farrah’s childhood and her upbringing.

Anyone who watched them on MBC knows that things didn’t end well between them. In fact, for many, it seemed that they would never be reunited as mother and daughter. However, it looks like Farrah and her mother are putting their past behind them, and trying to work it out.


Source: Facebook @Farrah Abraham