Farrah Gets Second “Lady Part” Rejuvenation!

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Tuning Up!

A lot has changed in Farrah Abraham’s life since her time on 16 and Pregnant. Between raising Sophia, becoming a businesswoman, and finding out what her passions and goals are, she’s not the same woman she was when she was 16! But, of course, Farrah has changed more than just her life ― she’s also changed her body!

Farrah Abraham has always been open about her cosmetic procedures. In fact, from the first season of Teen Mom OG, she set money she didn’t have aside for breast augmentation surgery. Since then, she’s had numerous procedures, including a butt lift, a rhinoplasty, lip and facial implants, and more breast implants. Recently, she made the choice to try something new: a rejuvenation of her lady parts!

Now, less than two months later, she’s back in the saddle for yet another rejuvenation… and she’s proudly posting about it on her social media, of course!

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Source: Instagram @farrah__abraham