Farrah Backed Put of Her “Back Door” Adult Cam Show at the Last Minute!

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She couldn't go through with it!

There was a huge shift in the Teen Mom community yesterday when Farrah Abraham announced that MTV had fired her from Teen Mom OG. According to Farrah, her forays into the adult world became too much for the network’s image to handle, and they decided to sever her contract.

However you feel about Farrah, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that getting fired is hard news for anyone to bear, but the timing of this particular firing was especially hard on the star. She learned the news the night she was supposed to perform her second cam show for CamSoda.

Farrah had been advertising and hyping up her cam show scheduled for October 30th, but because of her bad news, she couldn’t go through with her “backdoor” performance. Needless to say, this lead to a lot of disappointed fans, and all of them had to have their money refunded!

farrah abraham crying

Credit: MTV