Fans Rolling Their Eyes After Farrah Abraham DENIES Having Facial Surgery!

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Is she serious?!

Even though the Teen Mom cast may not get as much attention as A-list celebrities, they still have to deal with paparazzi, fans, and haters. Each of them have their own way of dealing with the pressure, and while some of them choose to retreat while they aren’t filming, some of them do what they can to put their best foot forward. For some stars like Farrah Abraham, this means plastic surgery.

Many of the cast members have gone under the knife over the years, from Kailyn to Briana and even Jenelle. However, there’s one star in particular that comes to mind when you think Teen Mom surgeries: Farrah Abraham.

Farrah’s look has changed pretty drastically since her first appearance on Teen Mom, and she’s even admitted to having injections in the past. No wonder fans are rolling their eyes now that Farrah is trying to completely deny ever having facial injections!

farrah before and after

Credit: MTV; Instagram @farrah__abraham