Bad Mom: Farrah Gets Slammed for Taking Sophia to Her Wild Birthday Bash

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No matter the age, girls just wanna have fun!

Farrah has ran the gamut for parenting fails over the years, everything from buying Sophia expensive gifts that she can’t take responsibility for to allowing her to wear tons of makeup that could be considered too mature for a little girl.

It almost appears as though Farrah considers her daughter an equal. That could be why she had no problem letting little Sophia tag along in her latest plans to party it up in NYC for her 26th birthday. While every kid loves a good G-rated birthday bash, perhaps a club isn’t the best place to bring your young, impressionable child. Critics who viewed photos of her party on Instagram Saturday night noticed that the Teen Mom may have made a mistake in extending the invite to her kid.

Source: Instagram @farrah_abraham

Sophia should have probably sat this one out